Get to Know the New Force Behind Dress for Success Seattle

Meet Liisa–Get to Know the New Force Behind Dress for Success Seattle.

Meet Liisa Spink!

She’s one of the 13,000 individuals who work/volunteer with Dress for Success around the world. Her career background is in nonprofit management, mostly in the performing arts, but after getting involved with organizing in the Seattle Women’s March in 2017, she decided to switch the focus of her career from performing arts to gender equity. She’s known as a “fixer”.  Liisa historically has worked with non profits in crisis or going through transition.  She coordinates the effort to create a sustainable and mission focused organization. Finding Dress for Success Seattle when she did, and being able to dive headfirst into the organization as it grows to meet the rising need of homelessness prevention in Seattle seemed like a match made in heaven.

Liisa’s Mission

The program at Dress for Success Seattle is strong and has huge potential to grow. We are connected to a worldwide network who support and guide us on a weekly basis.

Her mission in her words “as a woman, and more specifically, a woman in leadership, I have faced a whole range of gender based discrimination during my career. I have had binders thrown at my head, had folks assume my male assistant was my boss, and many other stories. Stepping into an organization that strives to create a world where women all have financial independence has been incredibly satisfying. Seeing how this organization works, and how it is run all over the world, I am strongly committed to growing the Affiliate in Seattle so that we are seeing 1,500 women/year and have a robust series of programs and workshops. (In 2017 we served 412 women, and we are on track to serve 800 in 2018). The need in Seattle is strong, and Dress for Success Seattle has a worldwide network to help us grow to meet that need.

Dress for Success

There are more than more than 150 Dress for Success affiliates in 30 countries—and those numbers continue to increase every year. Year after year, Dress for Success is able to achieve monumental milestones by rallying the support of each local community. They work with a continually expanding and diverse group of non-profit and government agencies—including homeless shelters, immigration services, job training programs, educational institutions and domestic violence shelters, among many others—to refer women to our organization once they have secured a job interview.

The backbone of Dress for Success Seattle are its volunteers. They would be unable to fulfill our mission—and serve as many women—without the support of such dedicated and extraordinary volunteers. It’s Liisa’s job to partner with our referral agents and volunteers to ensure the best outcome for the clients they serve. The Seattle affiliate has an expanding group of volunteers and financial contributors (they do not charge anything for their services and therefore rely 100% on fundraising efforts) that have made their expansion possible.

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We are Shop Closet are deeply committed the Dress For Success Seattle and we encourage you to to learn more about about this incredible organization, and hopefully become committed to it’s mission and its potential for impact in Seattle.


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